5 Tips to Help You Feel More Comfortable on Camera

If you have ever been on camera, then you know that it is an acquired skill. It can be tough to feel comfortable and can definitely be nerve racking.

To help get you prepared, I’ve made a list of things you can do to feel more comfortable & confident on camera!

1. Have notes, not a script.

When preparing to speak on camera, it is best to have a general outline of what you’ll be talking about rather than a script. Trying to memorize a script is not only difficult, but it’s time consuming! Simply having an idea of what you are speaking about (as long as it is something that you are knowledgeable in) will lead to a much more natural sounding video.

2. Talk to yourself.

Practice speaking in the mirror, I know this sounds silly but the more you get used to hearing yourself speak the easier and more natural it will feel when the time comes to record.

3. Dress your best.

Pick out an outfit that makes you feel great. The key to feeling comfortable on camera, is feeling CONFIDENT! So put on that cool shirt, style your hair like a movie star and get excited! You've got this! 

4. Don’t worry about it being perfect.

Typically when you are recording a video, there will be plenty of time to get the shots you need. So don’t stress over the amount of time it takes. Like we said in the beginning, being on camera is an acquired skill and it takes time! 

5. Ask questions.

Never hesitate to ask the camera operator/crew questions. If you want to see what you look like on camera or want to watch a clip back to hear what you are sounding like, that’s totally okay! The camera crew & video producers are there to help you!

I know I said “5 tips” but I like you.

BONUS TIP: Get silly!! Do some jumping jacks, dance around, crack some jokes! Anything to help you loosen up will make your video 100 times better and more natural! 

That’s all I’ve got for you today, I hope these tips help you feel confident and prepared to be on camera. You’re gonna kill it!

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